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Indoor Gun Range About Our Facility

Open to the Public

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"Our Mission:
To Provide the Safest, Cleanest, and Most Comfortable Shooting Experience in Central Florida. BUY HERE, TRAIN HERE, SHOOT HERE,"

R. Malone / Owner

R/ D Tactical Solutions Indoor Range

was designed and built using the latest in shooting range technology. Our “MANCOM” retrieval systems and “ACTION TARGET” Backstops are used by Military and Law Enforcement professionals around the world to train the Best First Responders and Operators this Country has to offer. Our shooting stalls measure 84” in height to eliminate brass ejecting issues. Our lanes are also 48” wide to accommodate both shooter and firearms instructor. We have two Wheel Chair lanes and with an adjustable shooting tray, comfort is readily available. These stalls are built to withstand a direct hit of a 44 Magnum.

Our state of the art ventilation system

will ensure you a clean and healthy environment. Three 400,000 BTU ducts heater and 30 tons of A.C. unit will ensure you a comfortable place to shoot regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

When shooting at an indoor range

one of the most important things to consider the ventilation. The ventilation system is key to a healthy and safe indoor shooting environment, and you will not find a more state of the art system than the one used at R/D. Our ventilation system is EPA and OSHA approved, using the TRIPLE FILTRATION AND HEPA method. By using the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) ventilation system, 99.97% of particulates (.3 microns and larger) are removed from the air. R/D is designed with the handgun enthusiast SAFETY AND COMFORT in mind. Three 400,000 BTU Duct Heater and 30 Tons of air conditioning, condition the air prior to pumping the fresh air into the range. This allows R/D to maintain a consistent temperature and clean air, regardless of outside air temperature. With 12 lanes, automatic target retrieval, ear and eye protection, a variety of targets and lots of ammo, we ensure plenty of Safe Enjoyment at R/D.

Public Range & Membership Info Indoor Shooting Range is open to the public

Public Range Rate

$ 16 /per hour

  • No membership required
  • Public Range Rate allows you to rent one lane for one hour
  • One additional person per lane is $8.00 per hour
  • 2 persons maximum per lane
  • All shooters will be asked to read our safety rules and regulations and abide them
Very Popular

Platinum Package

$ 1750 /one time

  • This membership gives the shooter the opportunity to have *unlimited use of one lane during normal business hours for Life
  • The Platinum Membership gives the member a 10% discount on all items in our retail store

Gold Package

$ 299 /24 months

  • This membership gives the shooter the opportunity to have *unlimited use of one lane during normal business hours for 24 months from the date of purchase
  • The Gold Membership gives the member a 5% discount on all Training classes and competitions

Silver Package

$ 179 /12 months

  • This membership gives the shooter the opportunity to have unlimited use of one lane during normal business hours for 12 months from the date of purchase
Most Popular
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